[MM4L] Rhythm Maker

Mighty M4L
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Automatically generate drum beats using a series of probabilities.

Never ending rhythms! [MM4L] Rhythm Maker is a rhythm generator that lets you create grooves by combining probabilities. Whip up some hip-hop loops or 4x4 house beats, then add some extra spicy notes so the "drummer" is always improvising and the loop never gets boring. Or just go full out IDM, and hit record.

A little bit of swing in there keeps the head bumpin' and the "Lock" setting helps you quantize the beat, so you can make some real funky off-time helter skelter shake ups that don't spin out of control.

*New* - Downloads include 5x demo sets for Ableton Live 10+. Featuring IDM, Techno, Hip-Hop, Drum & Bass, and Big Beat rhythms.

Keywords: Drum machine, generative, automatic, drums, drum beat, pattern, trigger, gate sequencer

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1x Max for Live device for Ableton Live + 5x demo projects (Live 10+)


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