[MM4L] Melody Maker

Mighty M4L
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Preset melodic sequences that can be used with any instrument.

Creating emotion is all about that build-up and release. But getting a good melody can be tough. So we've teamed up with classically-trained pianist and jazz musician viñu-vinu to help you hit to those next-level emotions with 25x modifiable presets. How you use them is up to you.

Throw this plugin on keys, leads or put it to work as a solid bass line. Flexible sequences are a must for generative music systems, giving structure and beauty, even when the rest is going wild with your imagination.

[MM4L] Melody Maker is currently in early-release and will continue to be updated with new features, presets and templates. Early users get free updates, even if the price increases.

Keywords: Melody, generative, sequencer, lead, synth, emotions, motif, classical

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1x Max for Live plugin for Ableton Live

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